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What is a motion for discovery
Many state and federal courts have open file discovery, which means that defense counsel can see the prosecution's file. Giving copies to the client- defendant, .

Discovery (law) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Civil rights cases concluded in U.S. district courts, by disposition, 1990-2006. . party may seek the assistance of the court by filing a motion to compel discovery.

how to file a court discovery


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Filing a Lawsuit: The Discovery Process - FindLaw
Filing a lawsuit by yourself can be a daunting task. This article provides an overview of what happens during the discovery process--an important stage in filing .

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how to file a court discovery

How to Conduct Discovery for Your Court Case | Legal > Legal ...
Discovery is the pre-trial phase in a court case during which each party can use certain . Conducting Discovery Once an answer to a lawsuit is filed, the time for .

How do I file for discovery for a traffic ticket? (appointed, how ...
Jan 20, 2012 . [SIZE=2]Does anyone know how I would go about filing a motion for discovery with the Prince William County general district/traffic courts?

How to File a Motion in the Superior Court
With limited exceptions, any paper filed with the court can be looked at by the public . Discovery Motion - A discovery motion asks the court for a ruling on some .

Self Help: Discovery Proceeding - Michigan Courts - State of Michigan
You must wait 21 days after your judgment was signed before you can file a discovery subpoena. Form MC .

Fighting an Eviction in Court - MassLegalHelp
It will usually be the second Thursday after the entry date , although it may be different in some courts. If you file discovery with the court and your landlord or .

"Discovery" Process in a Civil Action
Discovery generally does not involve going to court. However, if there are problems, a party can file a Motion with the court and ask the judge to compel ( order) a .


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  • Civil Cases - U.S. Courts
    Each side also may file requests, or "motions," with the court seeking rulings on the discovery of evidence, or on the procedures to be followed at trial.

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Discovery in Federal Courts:
Michael C. Smith www.mcsmith.blogs.com. Michael C. Smith. The Roth Law Firm. Marshall, Texas www.EDTexweblog.com. Discovery in Federal Courts: .

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    1. LAWSUIT – How to file a Lawsuit – How to Sue
      Failing to respond to Discovery in a timely or factual manner can lead to severe legal consequences. However, the opposing counsel will typically file a Motion to .

      How to Request Discovery for a Traffic Ticket | eHow.com
      You must file a motion for discovery before the trial. Filing the motion is fairly straightforward, but you need to file it before the court's deadline for doing so.

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