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Hydrogen Bomb | Fox News
Jan 29, 2003 . The difference between a hydrogen bomb and a regular uranium or . The neutrons created by both the fission and fusion reactions strike a .

American Experience . Race for the Superbomb . Hydrogen Bomb ...
The announcement caused panic in the country and created a flurry of activity in . arguing vociferously for a "high-priority" program to build a hydrogen bomb.

who created the h-bomb


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Who Invented the Hydrogen Bomb?
The hydrogen bomb is one of the most devastating weapons ever created. Evaluate the history of the hydrogen bomb and how it developed. Assess the basic .

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who created the h-bomb

Hydrogen bomb - CreationWiki, the encyclopedia of creation science
Jun 7, 2009 . The idea for the creation of the Hydrogen Bomb came from the mind of Hans Bethe while he was working on the thermonuclear study of the .

Plutonium Bomb
This led to the term "hydrogen bomb" to describe the deuterium-tritium fusion bomb. To obtain the two parts of the fuel, pellets were made from lithium hydride, .

Who Invented the Hydrogen Bomb? - Answers.Ask.com
The hydrogen bomb was invented by Edward Teller, a physicist that worked on the Manhattan Project in the 1940s. The hydrogen bomb was a ther... view more.

Making the H-Bomb
The Joint Chiefs made the case to Truman that the hydrogen bomb "would improve our defense in its broadest sense, as a potential offensive weapon, .

History of nuclear weapons - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The great power of hydrogen bombs made world-wide annihilation possible. The "Castle Bravo" incident itself raised a number of questions about the .

Who made the first hydrogen bomb
The first hydrogen bomb was designed by American Richard "Dick" Garwin. Whilst Garwin made the first design, Edward Teller and a team of scientists made the .


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  • The H-Bomb Decision
    Jul 24, 2011 . The H-Bomb Decision. In September 1949, the first Russian bomb created a changed situation. The debate among the scientists centered, .

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The Hydrogen Bomb, 1950-1956
En route from the Sloyka design to a full-fledged H-bomb. . the central Volga region of the USSR where a special design bureau was creating nuclear weapons.

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    1. H-bomb development Summary (1949) - Cold War Museum
      Arguing that the only way to regain nuclear superiority would be the creation of a . at the development of a new type of weapon — a hydrogen bomb — Strauss .

      Who Built The H-Bomb? Debate Revives - New York Times
      Apr 24, 2001 . Unlike its atomic predecessors, the hydrogen bomb theoretically had no destructive limits. Its fuel was cheap, and its force could be made as .

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